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A Checklist to Have During a Home Inspection Exercise

Due to limitation in time, touring your potential home successfully might be hard for you. A good checklist is what you need to have in the inspection exercise so as anything hiding will be known very fast before you buy the home. The checklist need to have seven significant areas in the home to check. Every feature that you want you to need to check since here is where you will stay for long. Below is the checklist that you must have during a home inspection exercise.

In the checklist, the foundation of the home comes first. This is the base of the entire house and you need to be very keen when checking at the foundation to make sure it is fine. Check if there are cracks, shifting of the base, and also you need to check at the landscaping properly. You need to make sure the drainage system is good a well as a general look of the foundation to be good. A good home inspection task must also focus on the entire home structure. If you notice any terminate damages, rotten wood, and also bowing in the windows or doors, you need to be alert about the house.

Since the outside of the home also matters al1ot when it comes to the protection of the interior, it is key for you to check at the exterior. Make sure you know the roof age, standing water if present, and cracks in the stucco. You need also to check at the gutters, chimney, and the water drainage system. After the exterior, it is now the time for you to focus on the interior of the home like smells, ventilation, condition of the floor, and also the appliances that are there and check for any water heater problems. Since water heater problems are common, you need to have a test of the system to ascertain this aspect.

Plumbing is the next system in the checklist that you are required to pay attention to having a good plumber to assist you in the evaluation. You need to ascertain if there are any water heater problems, the sinks, toilets and also water that you are expecting to find in the house. If you have a plumber, it will for you to identify the water heater problems. Water heater problems are not the only one to check here, also, the HVAC system condition matters a lot. If you have an electrician on your side, you will have to know also if there are any water heater problems.

The seller you choose needs to be able to disclose any problem he or she is aware of during the sale. This is important so that you as the buyer you are motivated to buy the home. You require to have a professional along with the checklist since they will find out more than your average. Hence, you need to hire a home inspection company at a fee to facilitate the inspection.